Monday, March 23, 2009

to someone

Yesterday, I suddenly had a dream about you. I don't know how and why it happen. The dream about you kissed me and you said that "ingat Mama sayang, Mama lagi penting". You were crying that time and I sad when you said that. I pun tak tau knape u ckp mama kat i. But one thing is I missed you very very much. Sebelum jumpa, kita slalu mesej tiap2 hari. You mesej sayang I, love me so much and many more. I rasa happy and bahagia je.

But, I don't know what have I done to you sampaikan u terus dissapeared macam tu je. I ingat lagi the last time I dgn you and the community kat dpn hotel blkg KFC BB. I kissed you and said take care. And lepas tu you senyap dan hilangkan diri macam tu. I perasan you macam layan tak layan. I know who I am. Im not perfect for you and many guys yg more perfect than me. But still I sayangkan and love you. I pun tak taula. Lagi satu, I seen you with your community dari jauh. You perasan I pastu you terus pandang tempat lain. Only god knows my feeling that time.

And now, I berharap sangat2 you tegur I. As a friend pun I sanggup terima. Come back to me please. I need you. If you read this I hope you understand. Thank you.