Friday, March 13, 2009

Slip exam.

Yesterday, i went back to my rumah sewa for a long time i didn't go there since 11 days ago. HAHA. Rindu gak aku nak ke sana. Nasib baik my housemates mood agak okay sket. Maybe sbb busy stdy buat asgnment sume. And today, i just stay home and didn't do anything. Kemas2 rumah ajela dgn housemates sume. Then, Jacky (my housemate) and me went college to take our exam slip but what the hell tak dpt sbb i not sure PTPTN dpt ke tak. I asked my mum but die pun taktau. Still ada RM500 have to pay. Aiyoo. Hopefully boleh amik lg exam slip sbb aku malas nak pindah kolej. Im happy with my college although the management like fuck!


  1. i follow ur blog.
    feel free to take a peep at mine :)