Friday, January 30, 2009

Penang penang!

Today friday, dgn frustratednya aku tak pegi kelas hari ni sebab wak dgn jacky tak kejutkan aku (ade gak happy sket ;p). Babi tul diorg. Diorg kate dah kejut tapi aku tak sedar pun diorg kejut. Aku tido mati agaknye. HAHA! Maklumla tadi aku tido kul 7am. Padan muka aku. Aisyh -.-

Tapi takpe. Hari ni aku akan bergerak ke Penang sebab aku follow band member aku perform gig kat sane. Sape budak2 Penang tu mehla jumpe kat sane. Hahaha. Support gak band ni, Massacre By Fall. :D

Gig tu sume band2 hardcore. Mari layan!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Best Of 2008

Today, aku saje nak buat Best Of 3 for 2008 ni memandangkan nak dkt sebulan gak la kita dlm thn 2009. So this is my list for the best 3. Hope you guys will enjoy it. Kalau korg tak puas hati gak suka hati korgla sbb ni pendapat aku. HAHAHA! ;D

1. Duffy - Mercy
2. M.I.A. - Paper Planes
3. Secondhand Serenade - Fall For You

1. Coldplay - Viva La Vida
2. Lil Wayne - The Carter III
3. MGMT - Oracular Spectacular

1. The Changcuters
2. White Shoes & The Couples Company
3. The Upstairs

1. Meet Uncle Hussain
2. Komplot
3. The Bourjuis

1. Fall Out Boys
2. Panic! At The Disco
3. The Kooks

1. Konflik Abby Abadi-Norman Hakim
2. Shah Rukh Khan dpt pangkat Datuk
3. Superman Faizal Tahir

1. Avril Lavigne
2. Panic! At The Disco
3. XLive Missy Elliot & Yoji Biomehanika

1. KLue Urbanscape
2. Youth '09
3. Rantai Art Fest

1. Euphoria, Sunway
2. Laundry Bar, Damansara
3. Zouk, Kuala Lumpur

1. Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur
2. The Curve, Damansara
3. Sunway Pyramid, Sunway

1. Heroes
2. Lost
3. Gossip Girl

1. Dark Knight
2. Wall E
3. Los Dan Faun

1. iPhone
2. Nintendo Wii Fit
3. iPod Touch

1. Cupcake
2. Donut
3. Choki-choki

1. Datuk Nicol Ann David
2. Lionel Messi
3. Michael Phelps

Monday, January 26, 2009

Selamat Pengantin Baru

Last Saturday, aku dgn member2 pegi kenduri kahwin abg kepada Hafiz kat dpn masjid Darul Ehsan. Tak sangka abg Hafiz tu kahwin dgn Sari Yanti main actor drama Kisah Kaisara tu. Untung die eh. Ramaila gak yg dtg majlis tu. David Teo, Adam dgn Serina Chef Wan pun ade sekali. Ntahla my feelings je kot David Teo tu asyik mengusha aku je. Malas aku nak layan org tua tu. HAHA!

Time tu gak aku dpt jumpe balik sume member2 lame yg dah lame tak jumpe (iye, i admit lame gile tak balik subang). Ohh missed them so much. I will always remember u guys although korg asyik kate aku lupe member. Biarkan jela. Anyway, SELAMAT PENGANTIN BARU TO EDDY CASMADY & SARI YANTI! ;D

Port Dickson

Lame tak lepak and have fun dgn member2 skola lame aku. Rase best gile. Last Friday, aku, Bear, Emir, Safwan, Anuar, Kerol dgn Aslam pergi ke Port Dickson utk mandi manda. Ramai la gak member2 yg lain tak dpt pegi sbb diorg baru balik dari kolej masing2. Yg si Akmal gemuk lak mak die tak kasi. Apela anak mak. Tak bujang langsung! Chill la. Haha. Walaupun sket tapi perjalanan tetap diteruskan. Kitorg bertolak lepas solat jumaat iaitu around 3.30pm camtula. Ni tunggu Aslam lmbt siap punye pasal la. Nasib baik dah biase dgn perangai Aslam. Sempat gak posing kat dlm keta Anuar sementara tunggu Aslam.

Aku, Emir, Kerol naik keta Aslam. Bear dgn Safwan naik keta Anuar.

Dah smpi Port Dickson around 5.30pm, aku yg dah tukar keta dgn Bear follow Aslam pegi port yg best utk mandi. Aslam blh pulak main2 dgn kitorg saje pusing2 ikut jalan jauh. Bangsat gak perangai Aslam ni. Cesh. Dah smpi port tu, kitorg ape lg terus terjun kat tmpt tinggal Safwan (sotong).

Bear dgn Safwan tak mandi pun. Saje lepak kat tepi pantai. Diorg tu takut air sket. HAHA.

Kitorg rehat jap lepas penat mandi. Diorg bg idea nak korek pasir utk sape yg nak kena tanam. So aku volunteer diri sndri nak kena tanam dalam pasir. Last2 end up jadi camni. Sial gak la diorg tu tapi bestt.

Emir lak blh main cacing kat kepala aku. Cilakak mentang2 aku tak blh gerak kau main2 eh dgn aku. Grrr. Taula aku geli. Around 8pm camtu kitorg eating kat Mutiara Seafood area2 sana gak. Not bad la mkn kat sana. Aku mesej housemate aku, Azam lepak sekali tapi die dtg kejap je. Konon ada projekla. Projek ape ntah aku sendiri tak tau. After that, kitorg saje lepak2 kat tepi pantai. Sembang2 pasal cite lame. Ahh, rindu doh time zaman skola dulu. Ade je kenangan time tu.

3 hari dalam kesibukan

Fuuhhh! Lame sudah tak update blog ni. Sorry sgt2. Busy la dlm 2 hari yg lepas. Mula2 pegi Port Dickson dgn member2 lame, pastu esok hari pegi kenduri abg member lak. Then, ptg tadi ikut parents pg majlis ape ke name ntah kat Shah Alam. So tak kesempatan sket nak update blog ni. Nnt aku cerita lebih lanjut pasal benda ni eh.

Friday, January 23, 2009

100 Reasons NOT To Get Married

Hey, I got this information when im surfing the internet. Enjoy it and pass it on to any of your single friends or to your married ones who might wish they were single.

“When you’re single…”

1.You get the whole couch to yourself.

2.There’s half as much housework, cooking, and cleaning to do.

3.You can watch whatever TV channel you like, without arguments.

4.You can get home from work at whatever time you like.

5.You get to eat the whole “meal for two” by yourself.

6.There are fewer important birthdays (spouse, kids, spouse’s parents,
etc) and no anniversaries to accidentally forget.

7.Without a spouse you have can still have a decent social life in your 30s.

8.You don’t keep catching every sniffle, cold and flu bug that your
spouse brings home.

9.You don’t have to live halfway between your workplace and your
spouse’s workplace.

10.Once you’re married most of your friends will also be married, and
coincidentally (like you, if you marry) they will mostly be staying
home with their own spouse’s instead of hanging out with you.

11.You can lie in bed in the morning for as long as you like.

12.Nobody sees what you look like first thing in the morning.

13.No soap operas (of sports shows, depending on male vs. female perhaps)

14.You can throw your dirty socks on the floor where they belong.

15.There’s no pressure to make the bed in the morning

16.You don’t have to worry about what the bathroom smells like when
you walk out of it.

17.You know where the bar of soap has been

18.You don’t have to put out Christmas lights if you don’t want to

19.When you’re single the lawn looks a lot better when the grass is longer

20.No one snores

21.Folding clothes?….No thank you

22.There’s no fight for remote control ownership.

23.Smelly socks and skiddy underwear are not that big of an issue when
you’re only washing your own.

24.On your way out you know that you’re shoes are right where you took
them off yesterday.

25.We can stay in the shower as long as we want and don’t have to
worry about conserving hot water for a spouse (or kids).

26.You can do laundry – or not.

27.You don’t have to shave if you don’t want to.

28.You don’t have to share your razor with anyone

29.You don’t have to buy Valentines/birthday/Mother’s day cards.

30.You won’t have anyone saying ‘you’re not going to wear that, are you?’

31.If your married and no fashion sense your spouse thinks you’re a
moron. If you’re single and have no fashion sense people think you are

32.Burning the food is not a big deal.

33.You’re not as accountable to anyone - if I want to do something, I just do it!

34.If you mess up your finances you have no one to blame but yourself.

35.You ALWAYS know EXACTLY how much is in your checking account.

36.You get the whole bed to yourself.

37.You can watch a late show on the bedroom TV and no one complains.

38.There are no unexplainable moods to contend with.

39.You have much more freedom to choose.

40.If there’s dribble on your pillow you know where it came from.

41.You never have to say where you’ve been or what you’ve been doing.

42.There’s no curfew.

43.You never have to hide anything in your shopping cart under other stuff.

44.You can spend all you want or all you have – it doesn’t matter.

45.You never have to worry about saying what you think, or having to
pretend you’re thinking something that you’re not.

46.You can be rude if that’s in you’re nature.

47.You can eat what YOU want.

48.You can join a gym because you want to, not because your spouse is
embarrassed by the way you look.

49.If you get fired from work you’re not considered a loser – just unemployed.

50.You can have friends over who behave outrageously whenever you want.

51.You don’t have to worry about what sort of food to buy and you can
eat whatever you want, whenever you choose.

53.You can listen to your favorite tunes in the house or in the car
and no one fiddles with the station or complains about your taste in

54.You can spend all night on the phone without having to justify it.

55.You can go to bed when you please – or not.

56.You can read all night if you want to.

57.No one criticizes the condition of your car or expects you to wash it.

58.There’s plenty of space in the closet.

59.You don’t have to pretend that you’re interested in what happened
to your spouse at work today.

60.When you’re single there is a LOT less drama in your life!

61.You can make a mess – and leave it that way.

62.You can drink wine out of a bottle or milk right out of the jug
whenever you like.

63.You don’t have to write cards on anyone’s behalf for birthdays or Christmas.

64.You don’t have to excuse your behavior to a spouse.

65.You can pass gas at will.

66.When you’re single your opinion is always the best opinion.

67.You never have disagreements with what a spouse when you’re single.

68.When you’re single you can enjoy great performances of gay
musicians and actors without getting that “eye-rolling” thing from
your spouse.

69.You don’t have to listen to your spouse pant every time their
favorite actor or musician comes on the television.

70.When you’re single you can flush – or not.

71.You can put the lid up or put the lid down – it’s up to you.
Whatever you did last is exactly how it will be when you return next
time – just the way you like it.

72.Dragon breath in the morning is no big deal when you’re single.

73.If you’re single you can eat right out of the refrigerator and no one cares.

74.You don’t have to share ANYTHING with ANYONE.

75.No in-laws (this one speaks for itself)

76.Las Vegas is back on the list of vacation considerations.

77.Grow your nails, cut your nails – it doesn’t matter.

78.Pajamas or not – doesn’t matter.

79.Sweatpants and baggy shirt – no one cares.

80.The best parking spot is ALWAYS yours for the taking.

81.Cooking your own meals never ceases to be an adventure, and never
starts becoming punishment.

83.When you’re single you can paint the town instead of the house.

84.When you get home after work, you don’t have to start work again.

85.You can tell people you’re single and not have to lie about it.

86.You’ll never have to trade your interest in miniskirts for minivans.

87.You’ll save about $400,000 in grocery bills alone over the next 20
years if you stay single.

88.College? You didn’t pay for yours so why would you volunteer to pay
for someone else’s?

89.When you’re single you get to keep ALL the money.

90.When you’re single you get to hold the actual credit card and not just the bill.

94.You can use your own name at hotels.

95.When you’re single you can tell the person criticizing your driving
to “get out!”

96.When asked for their opinion, a single person can say “Yeah…you ARE fat!”.

97.When you’re single you can lick the spoon and keep on stirring like
nothing happened.

98.When you’re single you never miss all the things you used to be
able to do before you got married.

99.Married people with gray hair are thought of as old and tired, but
single people with gray hair are considered wise and distinguished.

100.Finally, when you’re single you can enjoy the silence any time you want

Nice info is it? ;D

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Why People Loves DSLR?

• Unless you intend on spending a lot of time learning about the finer points of digital photography, like white balance, metering, exposure, depth of field, aperture, f-stop, etc, you should just stick with one of the many quality point-n-shoot digitals for the [above]average consumer.

DSLRs are designed to give you "blank canvas" type results to which you apply technique to achieve the desired photo. Point and shoot digitals are designed to give you the results you want without any fuss or fore knowledge of photographic settings.

For most people who just want a camera to take pics of their friends, kids, vacation, etc, a good point and shoot will produce, on average, a better result for them than were they to just pick up a DSLR, set it to full auto, and go.

What people usually go ga-ga over in regards to DSLRs is short depth of field, and just about every fixed lenses digital out there over 200 bucks has a portrait setting or something to get this effect without much fuss.

People see great photos from amazing photographers and just assume that it was the camera and think, "if I had that camera with it's super big lens I could take photos like that too! But they fail to realize just how much work is involved and end up worse results with a DSLR than they would with a good point and shoot digital.

• 10 reasons...
1. Tax shelter

2. Paperweight

Make some photographer you're attracted to think you know about photography

4. Brag about it to coworkers, relatives, etc.

As part of an insurance scam

Take pictures of your neighbors' stuff to sell on eBay

So you can pretend you're a paparazzi

To write reviews for your website to make money off of ads

Reuse the CCD for your home-brewed telescope

Because an internet article convinced you that you should

The biggest reason NOT to buy a dSLR is the size and weight. You might not think it's a big deal, but just wait until you've been on vacation and lugged around a bag with a dSLR, three lenses, extra batteries, and a flash. Because you do need a separate bag for a dSLR, you can't pocket it.

If all you want to do is take snaps of friends and family, and you want to bring the camera on vacation, then I'd say go for a compact instead. There's now some very good & pocketable compacts in the $200-$400 range, e.g. Canon Powershot A640 or 800IS.

• If you know something about photography, and want to get more seriously into it, then yes buy a DSLR. Otheriwise you are just wasting your money.

If you aren't the type of person who wants to get into photography and just wants to take family shots (photos around the house, etc) and some vacation photos then a DSLR is not for you. If you were to buy a decent - good p/s then you are fine.

The advantages of a DSLR are the lenses, the ability to shoot raw and the shooting modes. But if you want to play with the shooting modes on a p/s then you can, without spending the bucks for a DSLR. The quality of photos will be very similar either way.

One more point: for older people, being forced to use the viewfinder is a hassle. Using the LCD is a lot more practical.

The most important thing in photography is being able to take the right picture at the right time in the right spot. Period. A DSLR doesn't instantly make that happen.

The second most important thing is lighting. Lighting equipment is eating up half of my budget.

I can't take a professional picture with my professional camera in a nightclub that won't let me take it in. However, my Sony T1 has done that nicely. It also is the best for a vacation because I can take it anywhere. Now would I use it at a wedding or sports event...well that's when I'll carry 3lbs of bodies and 10lbs of lens on my shoulders.

Get a DSLR if you a SERIOUS enthusiast and your powershot is holding you back from taking the pictures you envision before it clicks. Otherwise go with portability and ease of use.

• DSLRs are like PDAs: if you're not sure whether you need one, you probably don't, and there's a big chance it will end up forgotten in a drawer, or at eBay for a loss.

For those who want to get deeper into digital photography, I would suggest getting a nice book about it first, or maybe attending an beginner's course, and play a bit more with the settings of your digital point-and-shoot(you might have a nice surprise). Then if you really get into it, you will naturally feel the need to upgrade to a DSLR.

The problem with DSLRs is that they are heavy - mirrors, metal, etc. That is if you want a good one.

I would suggest go with a DSLR if you're into professional photography and you can afford to carry a camera case around with you all the time. Otherwise, get something like a canon IXUS. It's small, easy to use, has good macro (surprisingly good) and is pretty stable. No need for a card reader, and it exports in simple JPG as opposed to RAW, which is the preferred output of some DSLRs (useful for pros, not useful at all for noobs).

So,wonder why?


Hari ini Barack Husein Obama secara rasminya ditabalkan menjadi presiden Amerika Syarikat yg ke-44. Ramai yg berharap supaya Obama dpt merubah ekonomi dan keadaan dunia yg skrg ini agak huru-hara. Mereka juga berharap Obama dpt menghentikan krisis perang israel-palestin, Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea Utara dan lain2 lg. Tetapi mampukah Obama dpt menyelesaikan masalah ini dgn segera? Sanggupkah presiden yg disukai ramai rakyat Amerika ini? Atau adakah Obama sama saja dgn Bush?

Jika Obama berjaya menyelesaikan masalah2 ini maka Obama benar-benar melunaskan janjinya dan disanjung tinggi sebagai hero dunia. Maruah Amerika juga akan menjadi semakin baik pada pandangan dunia. Jika tidak, Obama akan dikutuk masyarakat dunia sama seperti Bush yang hina.
Kini, apa yg mampu kita buat cumalah berharap. Semoga Obama dapat melunaskan janji2nya itu. Good Luck Obama! ;D

Boikot boikot!

Itu senarai company atau brand yg support dan menderma dana kepada israel. Tetapi berguna ke kalau setakat memboikot brand2 ni? Benda ni takkan menghalang israel dari terus menyerang semenanjung gaza. Berbilion penduduk dunia masih membeli barang2 ini. Pergaduhan di antara negara2 Arab masih berlaku. Kalau macam ni, sampai bila perkara ni akan berlaku? Allah Maha Mengetahui. Kita hanya mampu berdoa supaya Allah akan menurunkan bala kepada israel. Amin.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Nama : Muhammad Izzul Ruzaini Bin Rasli
DOB : 5/12/1990
POB : Ipoh Specialist Centre, Ipoh, Perak
Alamat : Subang Jaya ( mane boleh bagitau. rahsia ). But currently staying at Wangsa Melawati.
Berat : Agak ringan jugak
Tinggi : Tak terlalu tinggi, tak terlalu pendek

Mengambil jurusan Creative New Media di salah sebuah kolej di Kuala Lumpur iaitu Multimedia College. ;D