Sunday, May 10, 2009


Yesterday, awal pagi kena pegi kelas Pengajian Islam. Hari sabtu pun nak kena pegi kelas. Adoii. Dahla mata mengantuk gile babi. Nasib baik lecturer okay. Blh masuk kepala la. Hee!

Dah abis kelas around 1pm, aku terus gerak One Cafe pegi gig Just Scream tu. Ingatkan dah start dah gig tu, rupe2nye belum start lg sbb ade prob Celcom nak buka booth kat bwh tapi management One Cafe tak kasi. We managed to settle that problem and Celcom tak jadi buka booth. After soundcheck sume, the gig started around 2.30pm. Here are the list band who are performed:

1. Honey In Veins
2. Tragic Of Hermia
3. Kiss The Fallen
4. This Sunday
5. Lisa's Diary
6. Tears Memories
7. Ana Four Craig
8. I Kill Your Boyfriend

9. Or The Golden Handshake
10. Daisy Duke
11. Massacre By Fall
12. Unexpected Mercy
13. Ballad For Layla
14. Daarchlea
15. Regima
16. 66 Roads

Kalau aku nak cite panjang2 2 page aku rase tak abis. So the gig was totally fantastic! About 171 peoples are came to Just Scream Vol. 2! 2 times more than Just Scream Vol. 1 at Noisy Studio, Ampang. One Cafe pun ckp this year crowd kitorg paling ramai. We're proud of it! And I reclaimed back my money RM170 plus RM41 for the comission. Jumpa Apis dgn Acap yg lame gile tak jumpe. Haih. We went home around 1.45am. Kat KL ade roadblock. So we use other way yg takda roadblock.

Anyway, thanks for those who are coming to Just Scream Vol. 2! And thanks to bands that co-operate with us. Without you guys, the gig cannot make it. So after this, co-operate la dgn kitorg lagi. Next gig we will announce soon! Thanks a million again! =D

That's all for today. Chalos!

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