Thursday, May 28, 2009


Congratulation BARCELONA! You deserved to win the 2008-2009 Champions League. To Manchester United, don't too confident that you are the greatest club in the world. Your ego can destroy you especially Christiano Ronaldo. Now, Lionel Messi are the greatest player in the world not Christiano Ronaldo. My prediction agak lari sket. Before match aku predict 3-1. Tapi takpela, janji Barcelona menang! HAHAHA. Sore loser Man Utd. Great performance Barcelona.

Next is FA Cup! Go go Chelsea! =D


  1. tolong cikit, man utd is still the best oke! :o

    and and, ronaldo is still the greatest player on earth! :)

  2. no no, christiano are so arrogant when u see him on that field during final.
    menyampah gile -_-