Saturday, April 4, 2009

PSDM gala dinner at PWTC

3rd April 2009, me and my family were going to Persatuan Sindrom Down Malaysia's gala dinner at PWTC. My mum as a secretary of the association are so busy going here and there. Even we have to went there at 1pm because my mum have to arrived there early to settle the event there. I thought we just to go there and went home after the gala, so I didn't bring my laptop. But kitorg terus heading ke hotel which is Seri Pacific Hotel beside PWTC. Darn, menyesal gile tak bawak laptop. While waiting till the gala dinner start, I was bored like hell. My mum busy at the hall, my bro and his friend going to Pudu to buy ticket to Sik, Kedah. So I decided to walk around at The Mall in front of PWTC. Just alone! So korg tawla kan, The Mall tu bosan gile babi. Lagi2 just aku sorg je jalan2. Lagi bosan! Haihh.

Okayy. Tak payah cite about my boredom. At 7pm, the gala dinner are going to start. Dah mule ramai org dah. My bro, Ezanee nak argueing dgn aku berebut nak handle camera. So im letting him handle it. Malas nak gaduh dgn die. Buat sakit hati die je. Haih. So here are the schedule of the PSDM's gala dinner :

8pm - Arrival of guest of honour
8.30pm - Baca doa :)
8.35pm - Speech by Presiden PSDM, Dr. Syarifah Zainiyah
8.50pm - Speech by Penasihat PSDM, Dato' Mukhriz Mahathir
9.10pm - Speech by Menara KL CEO, Dato' Zulkifli Mohamad
9.30pm - Performance by Zainal Abidin and the video clip 'Kau di Hatiku'
9.45pm - Performance violin by Down's Syndrome (tak ingat name dia)
9.50pm - Bacaan Sajak oleh Down's Syndrome (Aqilah)
9.55pm - Tarian India oleh Down's Syndrome (Sarah Yusof)
10pm - Performance from Rumah PSDM kids
10.15pm - Performance by artist Mail, Pija, Rem, Deja Moss and Zuraidah
11pm - Performance by Zainal Abidin
11.30pm - Balik :)

I was enjoying there especially when I watching the Syndrome Down's people. It's like they doing their own. Based on The Star Online article : FROM a distance, a young girl smiles, full of hope and confidence but the receiver of her gracious smile turns away, breaking her fragile heart. I was like OMG terharu gile tgk diorg. The spirit they have makes me proud of them. Bersemangat gile. Untung sape jadi parents of this Down's Syndrome. And Im proud to be a brother of Down's Syndrome people which is my little sister, Izzaty. =D

Time kitorg nak balik, sempatla gak sembang dgn Zainal Abidin. He was kind. Give credits to him because dia banyak tolong PSDM dlm melakukan charity. And thanks to Menara KL and Gapurna Holdings sbb bnyk derma ikhlas kat PSDM. Thanks for everyone and everything! Then, we went hotel to get sleep. It was tired day actually. =)

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