Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Yesterday at 11.30pm, Osman have departed from KLIA and heading to somewhere else that I don't want to mention where for a vacation trip. He told me to keep secret about it. HAHA. Sorry. He went there for about 3 weeks. And just now die baru je mesej aku yg dia baru je smpi kat sane. Oh I will miss him. He is always help us and selalu ada dgn kitorg. Although his age dah cukup umur nak berkahwin, tapi die blh ngam gile dgn kitorg. Dahla slalu buat bodoh dgn kitorg. Senang cite die la slalu menceriakan suasana kitorg. And kalau die rase sedih or tension, kitorg lak tolong die sket2. He is a good example that what the meaning of friend for. We hope you will enjoy yourself there. Jangan buat hal sudahla. HAHA. Kitorg doakan kau kat sane. Amin.

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