Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Choral Speaking National Level Competition, Putrajaya

Last Saturday, I am going to Putrajaya watching Aisha Dalila performing some choral speaking which is her school, APIIT Smart School entering Choral Speaking National Level Competition for private school. Depart from Haziq's house, aku terpaksa naik public transport nak pergi sane sbb aku mmg takda transport sendiri. Haihh. KTM dari Shah Alam ke KL Sentral, then ke Pasar Seni naik bas ke Putrajaya. Tapi aku stop bas kat area Putrajaya lain. Nak taknak terpaksala naik teksi pergi Kompleks E, Putrajaya sbb tmpt aku stop tu bas mmg takda dan aku nak cepat.

Arrive there, I went to see her but just for a while because her teacher tak kasi die keluar. So I'm waiting her till the end of the competition. Watching school kids making their preparation make me smiling. Teringat zaman kanak2. Haha! Tamat competition tu, I meet Aisha Dalila but sekejap je sbb die pun agak busy dgn team choral speaking die. Just wishing her happy birthday. Hee! Aisha, sorry because I don't have present to give you.

Anyway, congratulation to APIIT Smart School for being the 3rd best private school in choral speaking. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU AISHA DALILA! Thanks for being my best mate. =D

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