Thursday, July 2, 2009


Finally I finished my 3rd semester! Ohh damn, it was so relieved for me. Although it's just a short semester, it's so darn tough weyhh! Tension, busy, tired all have been through last 2 months. Sampai ade sekali tu seminggu lebih tak buat keja sbb takda mood punye pasal and keadaan cuaca pun tak mengizinkan. Asyik panas jee. Mane nak ade mood. Haihh.

Alhamdulillah now i can feeling better and relax now. I don't want to think again about that 3rd semester. Hmm, cuti ni nak buat ape eh? Hang out with friends or cari keja part time. We'll see. Yang penting enjoy! See you around guys! <3

That's all for today. Chalos! =D

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