Saturday, June 13, 2009

hanging around & traders hotel

After agama class (which is the last class of 3rd sem. yeay!), Ady sent me to Damai LRT because im going to KLCC. My mum said today we will stay 1 night at Traders Hotel. But my mum still at Subang Jaya. So I called Dyba because I guess Dyba sure hang out KL today. And im right! She was on the way to KLCC with Zanna.

I met them and straight to Pavilion. Kitorg just walking around. Tak buat ape2 pun. Zanna jumpe kwn die. Pegi Times Book Store jap sbb Dyba nak cari buku kanak2. Tajuk die ape ntah dah lupe. Haha! Pelik la you Dyba. Then going to Bukit Bintang. Mkn jap kat Kitaro. Then continue walking around.

Zanna ade prob dgn kwn2 die which is I can't tell it here. I dgn Dyba ikut jela diorg. Haihh. While we hanging around BB, kitorg sempat kira budak2 yg pakai baju TOPMAN. Alaa yg baju nipis2 tu. And guess what its 107 budak yg pakai baju tu. Almost them are Malay. HAHA! What a typical Malaysian (bak kata Dyba). Honestly I hate TOPMAN shirt. Sorry :)

Around 5.30pm kitorg balik. Today im staying at Traders Hotel. Yeay!

That's all for today. Chalos! =D


  1. nama buku tu babymouse lah izzul :D
    fyi, cerita tu best oke ;pp hee

    haa pasal budak tu, biar lah jd rahsia k :)

    yes budak budak tu semua "typical malay" lol!